Over recent months we have added several new and revised items to our range of products. They are listed here and described in more detail lower down:

  • - Conventional style gooseneck with concentric axis for 10 Rater, 6 Metre and A Class
    - Kicking strap and compression strut options for RG65 gooseneck
    - Self locking kicking strap as a standard item for all goosenecks with a kicking strap (not RG65)
    - Reversed kicking strap option for many goosenecks
    - Self locking rigging screws in M3.5 and M4 sizes
    - 3 mm shackle from stainless steel
    - 5 mm shackle for stainless steel
    - Fin and rudder for M & 10R
    - Rig kits for Naviga One Metre
    - Rig kits for USA 1 Metre
    - Rig kits for non-class boats
  • - Insignia for Mini40 multihulls
  • - Sails for Mini40 multihulls
  • - 75 micron Polyester film
  • - 3.4 kg ballast for Marblehead
  • - Goosenecks for 10 and 12 mm diameter masts
  • - Revised stencils for RG65 sail numbers, letters and insignia


2016 was notable for us in that the SAILSetc website was hacked for a while and the directors were the targets of identity fraud. This taught us that the SAILSetc website is a much valued source of information for our customers and means of transmitting information for us. As a result much more information has been added over the course of the year. Happily we also learned that our systems are reasonably secure and no financial loss was incurred by us or our customers. We are grateful to all those who assisted us during that time and apologise to those who were inconvenienced. Onward!

The carbon pre-preg boats previously available from SAILSetc remain in production by BOATSetc in Germany. This has been a successful development for both businesses and we remain committed to assisting BOATSetc and other boatbuilders with designs and technology. The licensed boatbuilder list on this website has been revised recently – if you are building any of our designs and wish to be listed there, please contact the SAILSetc office.

The storage of card number and expiry date of customers’ bank cards on paper means that only the security code has to be e mailed or phoned through to the office in order for us to take payment. This computer-free system gives a high degree of security when even the best protected computer systems of other businesses seem to be at risk. If you do not wish us to store even that data then please e mail or phone all the data each time you wish to make a payment. Alternatively, payment by BACS for UK customers, remains an excellent method. 

The system above might seem an archaic approach in the present age - consider that a useful spin-off is that our prices are around 2% lower than they would be if we had a 'secure' on-line payment system. And bear in mind that 'secure' here is a relative word.

From July 2017 we will be able to take payment by PayPal. There will be an on-cost for any payments made by this method of around 3.0 to 4.5% of the total order value.

The boats....

The QUARK of the designer placed 3rd at the 2016 world championship. It was gratifying to see Laurent Gerbeaud place 9th with his QUARK too.

The DIAMOND of the designer placed 2nd at the 2016 world championship. DIAMONDs also took the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 8th and 10th places. As the design was first produced in 2006 this speaks well for the longevity of competitive boats in the more mature classes.

SWORDs won the AUS and GBR A Class national championships. Again, as the design first saw the light of day in 2005 and has not been modified since, this is useful reassurance that these classes offer excellent value in the longer term.

The IOM AKZIOM design was first used at the 2016 European championship but suffered from not having been used before. Since the fin position was adjusted the boat has given some excellent results. Tim Brown, the builder, is now making a slightly revised version, AKA, for those who want to explore this avenue. After use at the 2017 world championship we find the design is a sound choice and especially good when hard pressed downwind.

Price changes.....

Relatively frequent variations in the value of Sterling since mid June 2016 have caused us to adjust prices of items not sourced in the UK several times. We will continue to monitor the exchange rate and adjust when appropriate. Hopefully this will not impact much on customers outside the UK.

Special projects....

The first 3D printed parts to SAILSetc designs arrived in stock in mid-summer 2017. A larger range of these including sail mark stencils, boom fittings, swing rig mast block sets, goosencks bodies, etc. will evolve over the coming months. Use of a professional quality 3D CAD program in conjunction with the excellent production facilities of a UK printer makes this an important evolutionary step for SAILSetc products. We see three major benefits of this - we can provide parts that would not have been economical to produce by other methods - we can make parts that could not have been made by other processes - prices of some items can be lowered. Win-win all round.

A new free sailing A Class design almost made it onto the water for the 2016 national championship. Hopefully it will for 2017...... One of our designs for the Naviga 10 Rater class is being built in China - an interesting project that required a clean sheet of paper. As ever the sport lacks builders who can produce serious quantities of good quality boats and without which we have no real growth in the sport. SAILSetc remains committed to assisting builders acquire competitive designs - there are several projects in development just waiting for a competent builder with a professional approach.

In the pipeline....

Headsail boom fittings for RG65 class, clip on/off spreader fittings for 11 and 14 mm Ø mast tubes, tiller arm retainer enabling rudder to be removed without losing the tiller arm from its correct location, and luff slides for Walicki masts ..... amongst others.


You will find the answers to many questions regarding our products, their use, or our recommendations, on the product pages themselves. Please use the locate Products by Class method to ensure you are offered items entirely appropriate for your application in the first instance and ask us questions if you still do not find what you need. Please take a look at the FAQs pages too. Again, if the answer you are looking for is not there, please ask.

Happy reading. 



Gooseneck – 015RG

A standard gooseneck suitable for use on RG65 or any similar sized boats. Designed to be a perfect fit on any 8 mm (5/16") diameter masts tubes. This makes it perfect for Skyshark tubes and any 20 Series arrow shaft mast. Supplied in three formats:

      • 12RG - basic unit without a kicking strap so the user can use alternatives
      • 12RG-KS - with a kicking strap provided by our micro rigging screw, item 30-020
      • 12RG-COMP - with a compression strut provided by our self locking M3 rigging screw, item 30-030SL

The tang is designed to fit 6 mm OD x 4 mm ID carbon tube.

Gooseneck – GNK1

Gooseneck especially for 10 and 12 mm Ø masts. Intended for use on smaller boats like 36R, 36/600 and US1M. With standard bearings or ball raced bearings.

The introduction of this gooseneck body specially for 10 and 12 mm Ø mast tubes has created many more possible options for goosenecks. Rather than try to create a product page for each possible option we have introduced this product page that enables the browser to choose from all the possible options to specify the product required.

The options are:

Standard or ball raced bearings, plastic or metal gooseneck body, for 10 & 12 mm or for 11 & 12.7 mm Ø masts, with SAILSetc, round, Variant or no boom end fitting, with a normal or a reversed kicking strap. A total of sixty four possible options.

Gooseneck/compression strut – 012D

This item is a revised version of 012C for flat deck Marblehead and Ten Raters. Item 012C will remain available while we have parts. The new design uses the sculpted plastic boom end that we use for 012B. This replaces the stainless steel plate that has to be bonded into the boom. The new item takes a 14 mm main boom as a push fit into the boom end.

Gooseneck/kicking strap – 012E

This item is based on the body of the other concentric axis No 12 goosenecks but has a conventional boom attachment and kicking strap. Suitable for 10 Rater, 6 Metre and lighter A Class boats. The boom end fitting may be chosen to suit many different boom diameters. Suitable for 14 mm diameter masts.

Kicking strap body, self locking, metal – SP-KSBMSL-M4

The same concept we used to make the self locking kicking strap body for IOM kicking straps has been used for kicking straps for the larger classes. The metal body of this part has an M4 female thread and is strong enough for Marblehead, 10 Rater and A Class kicking straps. Now the standard part in our gooseneck/kicking strap units for these classes.

Reversed kicking strap – several goosenecks

This option provides a kicking strap with the adjustment screw closer to the boom where it may be easier to access. Particularly useful for designs where the rig is recessed into the deck.



Compression strut attachment – 027

The 27-120 item that fits 12 mm booms is joined by 27-140 especially for 14 mm booms. 3D printed and with several refinements to the design.

Boom band with pin – 046-080, 046-110, 046-140

These parts were formerlly made from metal boom bands. They are now made by 3D printing which permits several refinements in their design as well as a more attractive price.

Headsail boom aft end – 101G-100, 101G-110

Re-designed aft end fittings that permit a simple attachment for the topping lift restraint elastic enabling it to be dis-connected for transport and storage.



Shackle - 3 mm - 044-030

A revised design that gives a neat and minimal shackle ideal for making connections that may need to be changed.

Shackle - 5 mm - 044-050

A revised design of the original shackle but now wider for other applications.

Rigging screw - medium - M3.5 - self locking - 030-035SL

A self locking rigging screw that needs no lock nut to stop it from shaking loose. Ideal for the larger sized classes. Easy to adjust and use. IN STOCK NOW.

Rigging screw - large – M4 - self locking - 030-040

A self locking rigging screw that needs no lock nut to stop it from shaking loose. Ideal for the larger sized classes. Easy to adjust and use. Not yet in stock but expected soon.



Stencils for RG65 insignia, sail numbers and letters – STEN-LET-RG65, STEN-NUM-RG65, STEN-INS-RG65

Revised designs making use of 3D printing to incorporate some refinements to the previous designs. Simple to use and achieve the correct spacing and a good finish.

Stencils for IOM insignia– STEN-INS-IOM

Makes use of 3D printing to incorporate some refinements to the previous designs. Simple to use and achieve the correct spacing and a good finish.

Rudder for M & 10R – 360-M-10R

A slightly revised version of our earlier rudder for M and 10 Rater. Fully finished and ready to use with a 4 mm diameter stock. White gel coat finish.

Fin for M & 10R – 370-M

A slightly revised version of our earlier fin for M and 10 Rater. Fully finished to section requiring the head profile to be cut to fit the fin box and the lower end to be fitted with the ballast attachment system. White gel coat finish.

Rig kits for Naviga One Metre class - link

This class permits carbon mast and booms as well as variations in sail construction not permitted in the IOM class. For those customers who use this class and who want to obtain rigs from SAILSetc we have developed these options.

Rig kits for USA 1M class - link

This class permits carbon mast and booms as well as variations in sail construction not permitted in the IOM class. For those customers who use this class and who want to obtain rigs from SAILSetc we have developed these options.

Rig kits for non-class boats - link

The IOM rig kit provides and ideal starting point for an inexpensive rig kit for boats of around 800-1200 mm. But for something larger we have developed this option. Ideal for boats in the 1100-1700 mm range; perhaps older Marbleheads, 10 Raters or 6 Metres or where the cost of a carbon rig cannot be justified.

Sails for Mini40 class multihulls - link

These are made of a 140 gram scrim suitable for the larger loads and wear and tear encountered in this format of rc sailing. Choose from panelled sails for the upper size range and standard sails for lower/smaller rigs.

Carbon Groovy - CG127

We no longer have any 2 or 2.5 metre lengths of this material but have some remaining stock of 1 metre lengths which can be joined using joiner 18-127CF.

Sail film - 75 micron Polyester film - SC-075

In stock now. 10 metre lengths of  75 micron Polyester film at 625 mm width. Use for IOM No 2 and No 3 suits of sails, all Marblehead sails below the A rig, all 10R sails below the No 1 rig and for A Class No 1 sails.

Ballast casting - 3.4 kgs - natural state - 200-036-034

In stock now. A slightly lighter version of our normal Marblehead ballast. The 3.6 kg version will remain available for a while.