The last year has seen more extensive use of 3D printing to supplement and extend the already comprehensive range of equipment for rc sailing boats. Like the advent of laser cutting, this process opens up a new area to explore as a designer and manufacturer. The possibilities are seemingly endless and new opportunities/ideas still come along at frequent intervals.

And the last year has brought a new range of moulded foils – fins for M/10R and IOM and rudders. The measured stiffness of the foils on a like for like basis surpasses any previously tested items and performance has been encouraging. They are beautifully finished too.

Britain sets sail

The next few months will tell if the UK’s exit from the European Union will have a significant effect on our ability to import and export goods in the way we have been free to do for many decades. Indeed the growth of SAILSetc to the point where it became the world’s leading supplier of equipment for the competitive section of the international classes (IOM, M, 10R and A Class) hinged on three basic elements – excellent products – Lorna Bantock’s ability to communicate in French and Spanish – ability to trade freely with the EU. Without those three components it would have been difficult to have been so effective. Hopefully we will be able to overcome any hurdles to export our products to our regular customers, wherever they may be.

We are also grateful for our many regular and faithful customers who rely on us for our prompt and efficient service and without whom our potential would have been unfulfilled. We are aware that you have many alternative choices now, even if some are poor quality copies, and so we continue to work to offer the best available solutions and keep our products ahead of the rest.

Price changes – it is not what it seems.

Legislation prevents us from making a surcharge to customers who want to pay by methods that incur significant additional charges to SAILSetc. In the past only a small percentage of customers have wanted to use those methods, so it has been easier to add the additional costs to their invoices. This is no longer permitted so we have increased the prices globally and will give a discount to the majority of customer who pay by methods that do not incur those charges.

A 4% discount applies to all who pay by: cash, cheque, bank transfer, VISA card, Mastercard.

We apologise now to customers for whom this will not be obvious and hope you will soon adapt to this system.

Product changes

Significant additions to our range of products over the last year include the following:

  • IOM, M/10R fins and rudders
  • Revised fittings for the GIZMO on a M swing rig - much simplified assembly
  • Miniature and sub-miniature blocks
  • Black anodised lightweight headsail boom spars for IOM
  • Yellow, orange, blue & mulitcoloured Dyneema in 15, 25, 35 and 45 kg breaking strains - 20 or 150 metre quantities
  • Clew fitting for 8 mm carbon tube
  • Self tacking vane gears - large and small
  • 6 Metre ROMANZA hulls 
  • Radial headsail boom fitting
  • Aerial holder for 2.4 GHz vee format receiver aerials
  • Adjutable swivel line position for SAILSetc headsail boom kits

Please see these items, and many more, under the Products - Spotlight section of this website.

New boat designs by Graham Bantock......

While we were building boats we brought new designs out from time to time but now this process is entirely dependent on the builders. The message should be clear - if you want a new boat to a Bantock design you have to ask the builders. Sorry about that, but it is entirely in their hands now.


  • You will find the answers to many questions regarding our products, their use, or our recommendations, on the product pages themselves.
  • Please use the locate Products by Class method to ensure you are offered items entirely appropriate for your application in the first instance and ask us questions if you still do not find what you need.
  • If that fails please use Products by Category to locate your needs.
  • Please take a look at the FAQs pages too.
  • Again, if the answer you are looking for is not there, please ask.


NB Unknown to you it may be that your junk mail settings automatically filter out any mail that has 'sales' in its title or source address. If so you will probably not get a response to an order or enquiry. We are normally very prompt at responding to orders and enquiries about SAILSetc products. If you do not get a reply within a few days then it is worth checking your junk mail. If our mails are going there please identify our mail address as one that should be allowed through.

Happy reading. 



Gooseneck – GNK1

Gooseneck especially for 10 and 12 mm Ø masts. Intended for use on smaller boats like 36R, 36/600 and US1M. With standard bearings or ball raced bearings.

The introduction of this gooseneck body specially for 10 and 12 mm Ø mast tubes has created many more possible options for goosenecks. Rather than try to create a product page for each possible option we have introduced this product page that enables the browser to choose from all the possible options to specify the product required.

The options are:

Standard or ball raced bearings, plastic or metal gooseneck body, for 10 & 12 mm or for 11 & 12.7 mm Ø masts, with SAILSetc, round, Variant or no boom end fitting, with a normal or a reversed kicking strap. A total of sixty four possible options.

Wind indicator for 65 Class – 100

A wind indicator sized specifically for the 65 Class and similar small classes. Standard bearings.

Spreaders - 21-AERO

One piece spreaders that can be clipped on/off the mast, or fitted permanently as preferred. A choice of 16.5 or 14 mm diameter for rigs of larger boats. Spreader length can be 70, 80, 90 or 100 mm. With a sweepback angle of 5 or 10 degrees. The spreader bars have a faired section pitched down at an angle to reduce drag when on windward courses.

Gooseneck boom end for Nioutram - 12B

A variation of the enduring 12B gooseneck unit tailored to suit the geometry of the BOATSetc NIOUTRAM.

Gooseneck boom end for MX EMME - 12B

A variation of the enduring 12B gooseneck unit tailored to suit the geometry of the MX Marblehead EMME.

Mast insert for Nioutram – 140-M3

Some traditional rigs for M and 10R, and notably for the Nioutram, have a mast ram screw that permanently locates in the mast. This fitting is designed to make it easy to place the stainless steel nut inside the mast at the correct place in order to help the construction of such rigs.

This method of adding a mast ram has its attractions but it weakens the mast at the most heavily loaded position – for this reason the same method is not part of SAILSetc rig kits. But there seem to be few if any failures due to this, so we may adopt this method for SAILSetc rig kits in the future.

Gizmo parts – M & 10R swing rig kits

The parts used to add a GIZMO to our swing rig kits have been re-designed take advantage of production by 3D printing and make the addition of a GIZMO considerably easier. The function of the GIZMO is eased by a significant reduction in friction too.



Double block with becket 8 mm – 61-208

This item is considerably neater thanks to re-design to use 3d printing.

Double block with becket 10 mm – 61-210

This item is considerably neater thanks to re-design to use 3d printing.

Miniature block - 61-006

A miniature block suitable for the loads found in classes below 800 mm. With a 6 mm ball race sheave. Made possible by 3D printing.

Micro block - 61-004

A micro block suitable for the loads found in classes below 500 mm. With a 4 mm ball race sheave. Made possible by 3D printing.

Turning block – 62-010

A block designed to be bolted down to a flat deck and used to turn a line through angles from 20 to 180 degrees. With a 10 mm ball race sheave and suitable for loads found on boats up to 10R size.


Hull fittings

Vane gear - V540-A

A self tacking vane gear suitable for Free Sailing A Class and similar size boats. Starting from a clean sheet of paper but taking on board lessons from earlier developments, these units take full advantage of 3D printing technology to solve many of the traditional problems. Developed over the 2018 season by Anthony Warren/Lester Gilbert during which time many refinements to the excellent basic design and function were made. High quality engraved dials for fixed and tacking angles. Ball races for the major axes. Supplied as a kit of parts that can be assembled by anyone with Lego/Meccano level skills.

A 36R sized version should enter production later in the year.

Headsail radial boom fitting - 120-RADIAL

A traditional style radial headsail boom fitting suitable for 6 Metre or A Class. Ball raced axis for the gooseneck, suitable for 12 or 14 mm diameter booms, fully adjustable. Needs to be mounted to a rigid deck for best effect.



Sail reinforcement - S-REIN

An A5 sheet of self adhesive material (choose from white or black) cut into 25 mm, 20 mm and 15 mm diameter disks and 100 x 10, 65 x 20 and 65 x 10 mm rectangles. Keep in the tool box for making repairs to sails, for taping up rigging, or for adding reinforcements to sails when sail making.

Sail corner patches - self adhesive - S-PATCH

A set of patches for a single IOM suit of sails. Choice of colours - as used by SAILSetc for in house production.

Boom clamps - 108

Boom clamps, adjustable boom bands suitable for making the forestayn attachment to a boom spar. Available for 10.0 and 10.8-11.1 mm dioameter booms. Stainless steel and tightened with a socket head screw.



All being well we hope to offer hulls in pre-preg carbon from a well made mould. An elegant design with the deck as part of the primary hull moulding ready to add fin box, mast tube, fittings etc. Available as a kit of parts too.



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