The SAILSetc product range now comprises a larger than ever range of equipment for use on all the major classes of rc yachts, 65 Class, One Metre, Marblehead, Ten Rater and A Class.*

This has come about mainly by using 3D printing as a means of providing parts to existing designs but optimised for special applications that previously would have been impossible to make economically by conventional means. A current project is a vane gear for free sailing competition, something which would be totally un-economical by conventional methods. The amount of plastic used in equipment for rc yachts is small by most standards of comparison but 3D printing even helps to reduce that - the printed parts we are supplyting are even made from plastic made from re-cycled oils.

As ever the design philosophy for the equipment we supply (simply designed better) places special importance on the ease of use by the customer – there is no point supplying something inexpensively, or however technically brilliant, if it cannot be installed and used by the customer in a straightforward manner. Being closely involved with the sport at the highest level (still, after all these years!) assists greatly in this goal. But we also rely on and appreciate feedback from you our customers – we do need to know what you like and don’t like so we can continue to refine our products. We cannot promise to give you exactly what you want in all cases, but please do let us know your experiences.

  • Self locking rigging screws in M3.5 and M4 sizes
  • Rig kits for non-class boats
  • Sails for Mini40 multihulls
  • 75 micron Polyester film
  • 3.4 kg ballast for Marblehead
  • Goosenecks for 10 and 12 mm diameter masts
  • Revised stencils for RG65 sail numbers, letters and insignia
  • Revised mast head & headsail boom fittings & rig kits for RG65
  • Spreader to mast connections at 0, 5, 10 and 15 degree sweepback angles
  • Retainer that keeps the tiller arm in place when the rudder is removed
  • Revised fittings for the GIZMO on a M swing rig - much simplified assembly
  • Miniature and sub-miniature blocks
  • Vane gears suitable for Free Sailing classes from 36R to A Class
  •  6 Metre ROMANZA hulls 

The boats previously available from SAILSetc remain available from BOATSetc and other sources. Please see the LICENSED  BOATBUILDER list for full details. Please be aware that their specifications and style of finish will vary from those of SAILSetc. SAILSetc rig kits, or completed rigs, remain available for use on these boats as well as others.

New 65, IOM, Marblehead, Ten Rater & A Class designs by Graham Bantock...... While we were building boatswe brought new designs out from time to time but now this process is entirely dependent on the builders. The message should be clear - if you want a new boat to a Bantock design you have to ask the builders. Sorry about that, but it is entirely in their hands now.

Recently we have experimented by taking payment by PayPal for which service we add the extra costs incurred. Customers seem to like this opportunity so we will continue to offer this service.


  • You will find the answers to many questions regarding our products, their use, or our recommendations, on the product pages themselves.
  • Please use the locate Products by Class method to ensure you are offered items entirely appropriate for your application in the first instance and ask us questions if you still do not find what you need.
  • If that fails please use Products by Category to locate your needs.
  • Please take a look at the FAQs pages too.
  • Again, if the answer you are looking for is not there, please ask.

Happy reading. 

* By providing parts suitable for all these classes the many other classes (among them the Footy, RG65, 36/600, 36R, US One Metre, Naviga F5E, Naviga Marblehead, Naviga Ten Rater, 6 Metre, Mini 40, Soling 1 Metre, EC12, Victoria, Santa Barbara, Star 45, Soling 50, J, Wheeler, AC Class) are also provided for.



Gooseneck – GNK1

Gooseneck especially for 10 and 12 mm Ø masts. Intended for use on smaller boats like 36R, 36/600 and US1M. With standard bearings or ball raced bearings.

The introduction of this gooseneck body specially for 10 and 12 mm Ø mast tubes has created many more possible options for goosenecks. Rather than try to create a product page for each possible option we have introduced this product page that enables the browser to choose from all the possible options to specify the product required.

The options are:

Standard or ball raced bearings, plastic or metal gooseneck body, for 10 & 12 mm or for 11 & 12.7 mm Ø masts, with SAILSetc, round, Variant or no boom end fitting, with a normal or a reversed kicking strap. A total of sixty four possible options.



Compression strut attachment – 027

The 27-120 item that fits 12 mm booms is joined by 27-140 especially for 14 mm booms. 3D printed and with several refinements to the design.

Boom band with pin – 046-080, 046-110, 046-140

These parts were formerlly made from metal boom bands. They are now made by 3D printing which permits several refinements in their design as well as a more attractive price.

Headsail boom aft end – 101G-100, 101G-110

Re-designed aft end fittings that permit a simple attachment for the topping lift restraint elastic enabling it to be dis-connected for transport and storage.



Rigging screw - medium - M3.5 - self locking - 030-035SL

A self locking rigging screw that needs no lock nut to stop it from shaking loose. Ideal for the larger sized classes. Easy to adjust and use. IN STOCK NOW.

Rigging screw - large – M4 - self locking - 030-040

A self locking rigging screw that needs no lock nut to stop it from shaking loose. Ideal for the larger sized classes. Easy to adjust and use. Not yet in stock but expected soon.



Stencils for RG65 insignia, sail numbers and letters – STEN-LET-RG65, STEN-NUM-RG65, STEN-INS-RG65

Revised designs making use of 3D printing to incorporate some refinements to the previous designs. Simple to use and achieve the correct spacing and a good finish.

Stencils for IOM insignia– STEN-INS-IOM

Makes use of 3D printing to incorporate some refinements to the previous designs. Simple to use and achieve the correct spacing and a good finish.

Rig kits for non-class boats - link

The IOM rig kit provides and ideal starting point for an inexpensive rig kit for boats of around 800-1200 mm. But for something larger we have developed this option. Ideal for boats in the 1100-1700 mm range; perhaps older Marbleheads, 10 Raters or 6 Metres or where the cost of a carbon rig cannot be justified.

Sails for Mini40 class multihulls - link

These are made of a 140 gram scrim suitable for the larger loads and wear and tear encountered in this format of rc sailing. Choose from panelled sails for the upper size range and standard sails for lower/smaller rigs.

Carbon Groovy - CG127

We no longer have any 2 or 2.5 metre lengths of this material but have some remaining stock of 1 metre lengths which can be joined using joiner 18-127CF. However, we have a stock of this material at 2 and 2.5 metres with a sideways bend of around 2 mm per metre offered at a substantial discount. If you are building a rig that will have shrouds then this may not be a problem.

Sail film - 75 micron Polyester film - SC-075

In stock now. 10 metre lengths of  75 micron Polyester film at 625 mm width. Use for IOM No 2 and No 3 suits of sails, all Marblehead sails below the A rig, all 10R sails below the No 1 rig and for A Class No 1 sails.

Ballast casting - 3.4 kgs - natural state - 200-036-034

In stock now. A slightly lighter version of our normal Marblehead ballast. The 3.6 kg version will remain available for a while.

GIZMO fittings for Marblehead swing rig 

It is 26 years since the GIZMO was first used and the design of the parts has remained much the same over that time with only minor adjustments. The advent of 3D printing has permitted custom parts that make the assembly of a rig with a GIZMO a much simpler task. They are in the standard option and the same price as before. The function of the GIZMO is improved by eliminating some of the friction in the system which allows the rig to 'relax' quicker/better.

Miniature and sub-miniature blocks

These are based on 6 mm and 4 mm sheave size and are ideal for truly miniature applications where low friction is all important to performance.

Vane gears for Free Sailing classes

Starting from a clean sheet of paper but taking on board lessons from earlier developments these units take full advantage of 3D printing technology to solve many of the traditional problems. A robust unit for the A Class and a super light version for 36R class. Both save considerable weight and enhance functionality. Available in kit from from late 2018 onwards.


Hulls in pre-preg carbon from a well made mould. An elegant design with the deck as part of the primary hull moulding ready to add fin box, mast tube, fittings etc. Available as a kit of parts too.