The boats previously supplied by SAILSetc are now available from BOATSetc, a new entity located in Germany. The moulding quality is superb leaving the builder with only the task of adding the foils, structural component parts and fittings before going on to add rc and rigs. 

BOATSetc - -

BOATSetc and SAILSetc can supply carbon pre-preg hulls for the Marblehead QUARK and the component parts and general arrangement plans required to complete them. We welcome enquiries and orders from individuals and other builders, in the UK and elsewhere, who want to purchase hull mouldings or kits for these boats. Please go to the class category sections of this website to find more information.

Please see the Licensed Builders page for contact details for the many other builders who are producing our designs.

SAILSetc will continue to offer rc installation, rigging, optimisation and measurement for QUARK.

QUARK was first launched in 2013. Like its immediate predecessor this boat is made in pre-preg carbon and has the fin box and mast tube incorporated into the primary hull moulding. Since 2013 we have made minor changes to the construction and lay out which have contributed positively to the general performance allowing it to place 2nd, 3rd and 6th at the 2014 world championship. In fact the QUARK of Bantock won 8 of the 19 A fleet races across a range of conditions and rigs, 2 more than the winner. Ante Kovacevic gained 3rd place with his borrowed boat even though he does not sail the class regularly and had not used a swing rig for 15 years. In 6th place Laurent Gerbaud was the top sailor for FRA. All the changes we have made over the development time are incorporated into the production version of the boat.

For a current and detailed specification of the options please see the downloadable document under the QUARK section.

SAILSetc Marbleheads through the years. The 1984 design NO SECRET became the starting point for a series of designs, guided by the VPP since 1998, which have provided success at all levels for many sailors wherever the class is sailed.

World & European Marblehead Championship results here

Design               Designed             Event                              Year             Place

No Secret           1984                   World Championship         1986              3rd

Hush Hush          1988                  World Championship         1988              2nd

Enigma               1990                   World Championship         1990             5th

Paradox              1991                   World Championship         1992             1st

Paradox              1991                   World Championship          1994            1st

Paradox              1991                   European Championship     1995            1st

Paradox              1991                   World Championship          1996            1st & 3rd

Paradox              1991                   European Championship     1997            3rd

Rad                    1998                  World Championship          1998             1st

Rok                   2000                   World Championship          2000             2nd

Prime Number     2002                  World Championship           2002             2nd

Rok                    2000                  World Championship          2006             2nd

Prime Number     2002                  World Championship           2006            3rd

Prime Number     2002                  World Championship           2012            2nd

Quark                2013                   World Championship          2014             2nd, 3rd & 6th

Our boats have a reputation, not only for excelent performnce when new, but also for continued top level performance in the longer term. The PARADOX design, of which we made about 180 over a 6 year period, continues to provide good performance more than 20 years after it was first launched. Bantock used the 10 year old design PRIME NUMBER to gain 2nd place in the 2012 world championship. Darin Ballington used a ROK, designed in 2000 to place 8th in the 2014 world championship. Elimination of most of the corrodable component parts should enable these boats to be in good shape for many years, possibly hundreds of years, to come.

SAILSetc rigs, spars, fittings and sails provide an optimised and compatible range of products with which to equip any Marblehead, whether from SAILSetc or from another source.

The foils and ballast used for our production boat can also be expected to help other designs obtain their best performance.

The complete range of products in any category and for any class can be found in the Products by Category section.

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