Rudder blade 6% t/c - 200 x 73 mm

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Rudder blade 6% t/c - 200 x 73 mm. Leading and trailing edges need to be finished to shape before use.

Choose to have stock fitted and rudder finished to section if preferred.

Product code. 360-IOM

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Rudder blade 6% t/c - 200 x 73 mm

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Rudder blade 6% t/c - 200 x 73 mm.


Use with rudder stock and trunking, ref. 69-040, and leading edge fillet, ref. 370LX. If the rudder stock has to match an existing larger diameter trunking use items TUBE45 and TUBE56 to increase the diameter.

The rudder blade is 200 x 73 mm. Please see the FAQs page for the rationale behind this design. The leading and trailing edges have a flange which needs to be finished to shape before the rudder can be used. This is an option which we can provide.

The surface of the rudder may have fine air bubbles and other minor faults created during the manufacturing process. We try to minimise these but it is impossible to avoid them completely. Rudders that are un-acceptable in our opinion are offered on our GOODBUYS list. For best performance the bubbles should be filled flush with polyester of epoxy filler, abraded, lightly sprayed with primer and re-abraded with 1200 grade wet and dry abrasive paper.

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