Yacht Designs Vol 3 - Ch. H. Détriché

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A Catalog of Lines Plans – Volume 3. Ch. H. Détriché

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Yacht Designs Vol 3 - Ch. H. Détriché

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A third volume bringing his design output from recent years thoroughly up to date. Classes covered are Footy, Half Metre, IOM, Phigit, Marblehead and Ten Rater. Additionally Charles proposes designs suitable for One Design classes at 500, 650, 700 and 760 mm overall length and an open class much like a small Ten Rater. >p>>p> There are no less than 16 IOM designs in this book, many of which are developments/refinements of earlier designs. Usefully Charles has included commentary text to help the potential builder choose between them. A great strength of his designs is that the vast majority have been built and sailed. Thus the builder can be confident of getting the boats balanced easily without the need for major surgery to foils or movement of the rig. In fact, for this reason alone, the designs are valuable data for any naval architect or serious student of yacht balance. As usual there are no construction details but all information is given regarding size and position of foils, ballast and sails.

Generally for each design the plans comprise general arrangement, full size sections and sail plan. Sail plans are omitted for the IOM class. Generally there is no building or construction detail but the key components are either at full size or a suitable scale with key dimensions clearly marked.

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