Ring - stainless steel - 6 mm

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Ring - stainless steel - 5.7 mm. A solid stainless steel ring with 5.7 mm OD and 3.3 mm internal diameter and 1.2 mm wall thickness.

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Ring - stainless steel - 6 mm


Ring - stainless steel - 5.7 mm diameter. A solid stainless steel ring with 5.7 mm OD and 3.3 mm internal diameter and 1.2 mm wall thickness. Use with shackle, item 044-030.

With a smooth surface ideal for many rigging tasks especially terminations and connections requiring great strength.

For use with boom bands with pin, ref 46. Shackle, item 044-030, will pass through the ring making the ring ideal for terminations that can be attached/detached using the shackle.

Ideal for the termination between outgoing and return winch lines where the main sheet and headsail sheets will be attached.

Connect the forestay and topping lift to one of these rings and use a single line to connect the ring to the mast to allow the headsail to goosewing even easier.

Where the load will be lighter you may be able to use our plastic version of the ring, item 45B, which are available in packs of 20.

To fit or replace the swivel line through the TUBEJ to the 46B ring, without the lower end fitting, please follow the guide below:

1 & 2     Remove the fairlead 052-006 from the top of the tube. Pass one end of D50 line from the top of the tube through to the bottom. Pass the other end of the line down the tube and ensure it comes out the other side of the wire.

3            Tie an overhand knot in the doubled line close to the wire and pull it tight. Seal the knot with superglue.  Trim off excess line close to the knot to leave 300 mm of line for the swivel.

4  & 5    Pass the line back up the tube, and through the fairlead. Push the fairlead into place.

6            Add the ring to the line as close as possible to the fairlead and tie two half hitches. It helps to pass the line round the ring twice before tying the knot. It also helps to hold the ring with a pair of round nosed pliers or tweezers while pulling the line tight before making the first knot. Seal the knot with a spot of cyanoactrylate glue. The load of the rig will always pull the ring up clear of the fairlead.


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