Carbon tapered - 14 mm Ø to 14 x 5 mm

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Carbon tapered tube, 14 mm Ø to 14 x 5 mm. 1 mm wall thickness.

35 grams for the 600 mm length.


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Carbon tapered - 14 mm Ø to 14 x 5 mm

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Made of high modulus UD carbon fibre for best possible stiffness for the weight and diameter. 35 grams for the 600 mm length.

Use as the upper section of a mast for A Class. This provides high fore and aft stiffness in the upper section combined with low windage. This tube has potential for shroudless rigs for the Marblehead and Ten Rater class too.

  • Cutting carbon
  • Always wear a mask when cutting and abrading carbon fibres.
  • Clear up the work area carefully afterwards.
  • Use a wet rag to mop up carbon dust rather than a vacuum cleaner or brush.
  • Before bonding
  • Check each piece of mast tube for bend.
  • Arrange to use them so that the bend in the mast will be forwards going upwards.
  • Abrade all surfaces to be bonded with abrasive paper
  • Use Acetone, alcohol or methylated spirit to clean all surfaces to be bonded.
  • Bonding
  • Use liquid epoxy to wet all surfaces to be bonded
  • Then add thickened epoxy to the surfaces that will be bonded
  • Avoid applying local pressure that may distort the parts during bonding
  • Avoid raising the temperature of the work piece until the epoxy is cured
  • Allow the work piece to cool gradually after post curing.
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