SAILSetc has NO facility to take payment on line. If you find anything asking for your card details here it is because the site has been compromised. Do not give any card data.

Internet Explorer is no longer capable of opening our website satisfactirly - please do not use it. We suggest Edge, Chrome or Firefox.

There are several things to note regarding SAILSetc adaptations to revised working practice in light of HM Government actions to restrict the spread of Covid-19.

Please be aware that the following currently apply:

  • * Goods may be collected from our workshop by prior arrangement
  • * Graham, Lili, David and Emma are all working their normal hours
  • * The SAILSetc office will be staffed during our normal working times.

The good news is that orders have been coming in and going out much as normal. Our suppliers are mostly responding to orders and we are getting replacements parts delivered as required. We are all grateful to have David back in the workshop after his spell of furlough.

On line orders are more important than ever at this time for many reasons - it is more important than ever that you look at the range of goods available before ordering - it saves us considerable time - it ensures you are not relying on us interpreting your order. Thankyou for your consideration.

A new year and a new decade. Twenty-one years ago SAILSetc celebrated its 21st birthday. At the time it seemed a big milestone for us having grown from a man with a pair of scissors in a spare bedroom to a business with eight employees in suitable premises. And 1999 proved to be an outstanding year for SAILSetc boats with IKON (IOM) and PRIZM (10R) taking their respective world championships that year.

In the last 21 years much has changed. The advent of inexpensive laser cutting, CNC machining and 3D printing has revolutionised the way in which equipment can be designed and made. The time taken to go from concept design to production is shorter. Equipment is now lighter, stronger, easier to use, and less subject to corrosion. The website you are looking at (thankyou Jan Dejmo and Lester Gilbert for your foresight) has replaced our annual catalogue/price list and permits much more product information to be made available.

But some things remain the same. SAILSetc operates from the same premises, has the same owners, and provides the same top level of service to all levels of the sport worldwide. Thankyou to all our customers for keeping us there.

You can find our newest products in the Products - Spotlight section of this website. This seems the best way to draw your attention to totally new products as well as existing ones that have a new feature or new design.

After providing a wonderful service to New Zealand's radio sailors for decades, Steve Walters has passed his business, Radio Yachts Supplies NZ, to Antony Sisson. We wish both Steve and Anthony well and look forward to continuing to support NZL sailors by working with Antony in the future.

The business Caribbean Seals in Puerto Rico has started to stock SAILSetc products.

We are temporariliy out of stock of our 11.0 mm round alloy mast tubes. These are expected back in stock by end of 2020 in natural and black finishes. We have some masts with holes, limit marks and pre-bend remaining - please enquire.

Britain sets sail – some time this year….

No change for export to Europe.... in 2020. Well, those of us who export goods to Europe have a reprieve while the British ‘government’ attempted to organise itself. Export of our goods to Europe will remain exactly the same as it has been for decades until the end of 2020.

As ever we are grateful for our many regular and faithful customers who rely on us for our prompt and efficient service and without whom our potential would have been unfulfilled.


As reported last year legislation prevents us from making a surcharge to customers who want to pay by methods that incur significant additional charges to SAILSetc. In the past only a small percentage of customers have wanted to use those methods, so it has been easier to add the additional costs to their invoices. This is no longer permitted so we have increased the prices globally and will give a discount to the majority of customers who pay by methods that do not incur those charges. Not all prices were updated last year to take this into account but they are all now adjusted.

A 4% discount applies to all who pay by: cash, cheque, bank transfer, VISA card, Mastercard.


  • You will find the answers to many questions regarding our products, their use, or our recommendations, on the product pages themselves.
  • Please use the locate Products by Class method to ensure you are offered items entirely appropriate for your application in the first instance.
  • If that fails please use Products by Category to locate your needs and ask us questions if you still do not find what you need
  • Please take a look at the FAQs pages too.
  • Again, if the answer you are looking for is not there, please ask.

NB Unknown to you it may be that your junk mail settings automatically filter out any mail that has 'sales' in its title or source address. If so you will probably not get a response from us to an order or enquiry. We are normally very prompt at responding to orders and enquiries about SAILSetc products. If you do not get a reply within a few days then it is worth checking your junk mail. If our mails are going there please identify our mail address as one that should be allowed through.

Happy browsing. 

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