Like most rc sailors we welcome 2021 with open arms and hope for the ability to enjoy our sport again, fully and un-hindered, with all the social interaction that makes it enjoyable and special. Clearly this is not going to happen for a while yet and that gives us more time than usual to prepare for the new sailing season.

The lack of racing distraction during 2020 has led to a bigger than usual number of recent additions to the SAILSetc range of products. You can find these in the Products - Spotlight section of this website.

11.0 mm round alloy mast tubes in natural and black anodised finishes and 7075 alloy are now in stock.

Martin Dovey will be making a number of Bantock/SAILSetc designs (IOM, 10R, A Class). Based in the Midlands, and with a long association with the sport in many ways, his output will be a welcome addition to the boat building capacity in the UK.

Thankfully all SAILSetc staff, including those on the ‘endangered’ list, have remained well during 2020 and this year and we want to keep it that way. Lili, David and Emma are all now working with us again. But there is some catching up to do and we would appreciate your understanding if responses to enquiries and order processing do not happen as promptly as they do under normal conditions.

This leads neatly to the next section.

Visitor Etiquette

We thank our visitors for following social distancing when visiting SAILSetc to collect goods. Sadly this will have to continue for as long as necessary and we’d like to remind you that you are welcome to collect goods by prior arrangement so that we can leave them somewhere safe for you to collect.

Internet Security - several things to note.

SAILSetc has NO facility to take payment on line. Our preferred payment method is by BACS. We always ask our customers who want to pay by card to phone us with card data or to send it in several e mails. PayPal is a safe alternative but a little more expensive. If you receive an e mail asking for all your card details, it will not have come from SAILSetc - do not respond.

Internet Explorer is no longer capable of opening our website satisfactorily - please do not use it. We suggest Edge, Chrome or Firefox.

SAILSetc does not store any customer card data on its computers. We are GDPR compliant with regard to personal data.

From time to time customers report not getting a response from us. Usually this is because your junk mail settings automatically filter out any mail that has 'sales' in its title or source address. We are normally very prompt at responding to orders and enquiries about SAILSetc products. If you do not get a reply within a few days then it is worth checking your junk mail settings. If our mails are going there, please identify our mail address as one that should be allowed through.

Annoyingly some of our customers have been sent invoices for orders that were sent four years ago. As that data has been deleted from our system we are confident these do not originate from us. Our efforts to discover how this is happening, and how to stop it, seem to have had success at last and we can only apologise for the annoyance caused. We think there was no security threat.


The good news for our European customers is that we can deduct British VAT from the cost of goods when they are to be sent to countries in the European Union. This amounts to 16.67% of the headline prices that are displayed on this website. You may have to pay your country's VAT before you receive the goods and this may cause a delay in delivery. Hopefully this will not be a major problem. Experience seems to show that for small value orders the local tax may be be waived and delivery is not unduly delayed.

All best wishes for a healthy and happy 2021,

Graham, Lorna, David, Lili and Emma.


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