The majority of products offered by SAILSetc are made in large quantities by professional businesses to designs by SAILSetc. We use those suppliers not only for the quality of their products but also for the quality of their service. A large number of our products are finished in house at the SAILSetc workshops. And a number of our products are made entirely at the SAILSetc workshops.  In all these cases we normally have a large enough stock to cope with demand and can guarantee to despatch the goods by the date we quote. If we do not currently have stock, we will usually know fairly accurately when the parts will be delivered to us, and/or when they will be completed and ready for despatch. Again we will normally be able to quote a despatch date and keep to that commitment. 

A small number of products offered by SAILSetc come from a variety of other sources: individuals whose main income comes from other activities, who do not consider themselves to be professionals (amateurs in the nicest sense), and retired people who have a part time business. They help us by providing unique items that we may not be able to source economically elsewhere. We value their help, their products and their service. However, we do not carry large stocks of their products and, if we do not have stock, we usually do not know with certainty when new stock will arrive here.

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