The UK Model Yachting Association website provides details about clubs in the UK, the national and regional racing events and boats for sale, amongst other items.

The International Radio Sailing Association is the international body that acts as the class association for Marblehead, Ten Rater and the A Class. Their website provides links to the various national bodies that are members of IRSA. It is the source of the M, 10R and A Class class rules, measurement forms, Q&As and interpretations on the class rules, and a growing number of other items that will be of interest to browsers.

World Sailing is the international body that regulates the the world of sailing and delegates the international administration of radio sailing to IRSA. It provides the Racing Rules of Sailing, the Equipment Rules of Sailing and a wealth of other material that supports the world wide structure of the sport. Their website is full of interest to all who sail.

The International One Metre International Class Association is the international body responsible for the International One Metre class. Their website provides links to the national class associations that support the class in addition to a host of other items of interest to IOM sailors.

The Vintage Model Yacht Group is the UK body that caters for the study, restoration and sailing of model yachts from all periods of history before the modern era. The wealth of expertise shared by the members is huge and their periodical 'The Turning Pole' is a mine of well presented, interesting and useful information. Thoroughly recommended to all who share an interest in older model yachts, their design and development.

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