Bowsies - micro - metal

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Bowsies - micro - metal. Miniature bowsie in stainless steel, 7 mm x 3 mm.

Use with D15, D25, D35 and D55 Dyneema lines of 0.6 mm Ø or less.

If you need more than 10 of these metal bowsies, choose the 20 quantity.

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Bowsies - micro - metal


Bowsies - micro - metal. Miniature bowsie in stainless steel, 7 mm x 3 mm.

Use with D15D25D35 and D55 Dyneema lines of 0.6 mm Ø or less.

Sold on a sprue that keeps them together until needed. Use for providing adjustment where space is limited or on 65 Class, RG65, Nano, Footy or similar small boats where the load is small and it is important to minimise windage.

With the correct size line the figure of eight knot will be perfect for the bowsie. If using undersize lines it will be better to use a stopper knot or stevedore knot.

They provide a perfect termination for the SAILSetc flat rigging wire ref. WFLAT or seven strand wires ref. W045 & W060 where the shrouds meet the mast. This method has many advantages:

  • 1   It solves the problem of having a brass or copper termination on the shroud where it passes through the hole in the mast and so minimises corrosion at this critical point.
  • 2   It minimises the stretch in the shroud compared to other methods.
  • 3   It avoids the weight and windage of a hook/hole termination.
  • 4   It is super light and minimises windage.

See the small diagrams for details.

Doubtful about the suitability of this product? See downloadable document: Rigging Guide

Making terminations in wires and lines here

Information about bowsie and Dyneema yield loads: here.

Also known as; adjusters, bowsers (mis-spelled as bosie, bosies, bousey, bouyseys), runners, tensioners.

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