Standard - alloy GROOVY - small

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Gooseneck/kicking strap unit for alloy GROOVY mast, to suit 36R, IOM.

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Standard - alloy GROOVY - small

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Gooseneck/kicking strap unit for alloy GROOVY mast, to suit 36R, IOM and similar small boats. The metal body of the gooseneck slides into the track of a GROOVY mast ensuring a secure and perfectly aligned fit for this key item of the boat's rig.

The unit is supplied with the SAILSetc self locking design of kicking strap.

Not quite what you need?

There are too many possible variations for our goosenecks for smaller classes (IOM, 36R, 36/600 and US1M) to list them all as individual products. But you can specify a custom gooseneck from all the available options by going to product page custom gooseneck ref. 0-GNK-IOM.

Thanks to Colin Mason for suggesting a neat way of adding an eye to the forward end of the boom for the Cunningham control line.

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Gooseneck is the English language term for the attachment between boom and mast. Other words used are boom pivot and boom swivel.

Kicking strap is the English language term used for the adjustable connection between the lower end of the gooseneck and the boom. It is also known as a vang.

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