ROMANZA - lines plan

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ROMANZA - lines plan. Lines plan only, 11.5 kg, 0.7 m2 sail area - VPP.

A good quality mould from an accurately made master now exists and it is hoped SAILSetc will be able to supply super strong and light hull mouldings made in pre-preg carbon from late 2018 onwards. The hulls will have a centreline witness mark, transom, deck edge flange around the entire hull and centre deck and foredeck areas all included in the primary hull moulding. See below for the other parts that will be required to provide a kit for the boat.

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ROMANZA - lines plan

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ROMANZA - lines plan. Lines plan only, 11.5 kg, 0.7 m2 sail area - VPP

A revised hull form tuned to give a design that will compete across the wind speed range with the best existing designs in this class i.e. RENAISSANCE & ROCOCO providing it is built to the same standard. In fact the VPP has shown these designs are exceptionally difficult to beat across the range of headings and wind speeds. This is part of the reason why this is the first design in the class we have released since 1996. Sections shown full size. Other lines shown at half size. Frame sizes are given for 3.5 mm thick planks. Make fin & rudder as shown on the MONARCH plan or use moulded items as below for best results. Hull mouldings should be available in the UK from late 2018 onwards. Contact SAILSetc for details.

Other SAILSetc products that will be required to complete the hull to the highest standard:

  • Fin box moulding - 350G
  • Fin moulding - 370-A-ROMANZA
  • Rudder moulding - 365-BLADE
  • Ballast casting - 200-6M-ROMANZA
  • Ballast/fin/hull connection - INS-080

If you are unfamiliar with the construction of a 6 Matre and do not have sufficient information provided by a lines plan only, then a construction plan from this or another class will provide a lot of the information you need.

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