Applicator sheet

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Applicator sheet for sail marks. Use for precise application of sail marks and avoid spoling them too. 170 mm x 140 mm, single piece of self-adhesive film.

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Applicator sheet

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170 mm x 140 mm, single piece of self-adhesive film. For use with SAILSetc sail marks on sail cloths of 50 microns and over.

Cut into two 85 mm x 140 mm pieces before use. Each piece can be used to apply several sets of marks. Use to position sail marks on the sail correctly. Best used in conjunction with a template showing the required spacing of the marks that is placed under the sail which itself is placed on a firm, flat surface. Use the applicator sheet by removing the backing paper to expose the self-adhesive side and placing the sail mark onto the film with the cloth side of the mark sticking onto the self-adhesive surface. Carefully remove the backing paper from the sail mark and then use the applicator sheet to position the sail mark over the sail where required. When positioned correctly place the sheet onto the sail and it rub down lightly. Pull the edge of the applicator sheet away from the sail keeping the pull close to the sail surface. Check that the sail mark does not lift up with the applicator sheet. Replace the backing sheet after use.

Downloadable documents: Applicator sheet page

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