65 Class

The SAILSetc range of products for the 65 and other smaller radio yachts was expanded to cover all the items needed for a competitive boat when we developed a design for production at SAILSetc.

The SAILSetc designed 65 named ARGON performed very encouragingly in its first season winning the 2012 Gold Cup and the Euro Cup in the following year. ARGON also won the GBR championship in 2013 and 2014. Like the other SAILSetc boats made using pre-preg carbon it has the fin box and mast tubes incorporated into the primary hull moulding thus ensuring consistency in geometry and saving weight.

The boats previously supplied by SAILSetc are now available from BOATSetc, a new entity located in Germany. The moulding quality is superb leaving the builder with only the task of adding the foils, structural component parts and fittings before going on to add rc and rigs. 

BOATSetc - sales@boatsetc.eu - www.boatsetc.eu

BOATSetc and SAILSetc can supply carbon pre-preg hulls for the 65 ARGON and the component parts and general arrangement plans required to complete them. We welcome enquiries and orders from individuals and other builders, in the UK and elsewhere, who want to purchase hull mouldings or kits for these boats. Please go to the class category sections of this website to find more information.

Please see the Licensed Builders page for contact details for the many other builders who are producing our designs.

The foils and ballast used for our production boat can also be expected to help other designs obtain their best performance.

SAILSetc spars, fittings and sails provide an optimised and compatible range of products with which to equip any 65 class or other small radio yacht, whether from SAILSetc or from another source.

The complete range of products in any category and for any class can be found in the Products by Category section.


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