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Normally made of laminate or a suitable alternative; mainsails are fitted with a headboard and luff finish as requested. Battens are fitted to comply with relevant class rules and as necessary. Mains and headsails each consist of a single panel of cloth and the luffs are shaped. The lack of shaping makes them suitable only for very small storm suits or non-competition models.


Made of polyester laminate or a suitable alternative that will provide greater durability than polyester film. Fabrication from separate panels permits an extra degree of freedom in shaping the sails during construction. A Class No 1 mainsails comprise five panels, with the battens at the seams. Headsails comprise four panels. 


For best light airs performance, made of 75 micron film throughout. Mainsails comprise five panels, headsails comprise four panels. Seams are not sewn.



The shaping built into these sails has evolved over a long period of time and many generations of design. It has been ‘rationalised’ and even non standard size sails can be built with the normal shaping which we call F2. We can also make sails with proportionately more or less camber. For convenience we call sails with 17% more camber F3 sails. F1 sails have 17% less camber.


Film, woven and laminate materials 

Laminate cloths remain the best choice for sails intended for use in stronger winds. They will resist damage from creasing better and remain the best choice where sails intended for use in stronger winds will be exposed to rough treatment, for example if they have to be removed from the mast when sail changing. Laminate materials have generally replaced the use of woven materials. For all winds except the strongest, film will produce smooth, stable, stretch resistant, sails that will give excellent performance for years if cared for.



A small pocket formed by a coloured, narrow, folded tape. It is essential to pass a wire forestay through this pocket before use - avoid damage - smooth the sharp end of the wire first.


A custom luff finish can be provided for the additional charge


EYELETS - for luff rings or cord ties; placed at the seams
CORD - for sails made of heavier material used on GROOVY mast
SLIDES - for sails made of film used on GROOVY mast
HOOKS - for a jackstay; circa 150 - 250 mm spacing
SMALL POCKET - for a jackstay inside the luff tabling
LARGE POCKET - for a mast inside the luff

Please note

Sail prices quoted below are for EYELET or CORD mainsail luff finish. Where appropriate (LIGHTWEIGHT sails for GROOVY masts), SLIDES are fitted instead of a CORD luff at no extra charge to help the sail work well at very low wind speeds. 


Apart from sails for our own production boats we can supply sails for other A Class designs. Please use the custom sail order form to specify the sails you want and submit it with your order added to the cart.

Custom Sail Order Form  (Word file)

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