Ten Rater Class

The current SAILSetc 10R design is DIAMOND. Our attention to Ten Rater design was brought into sharper focus with the scheduling of the 1999 World Championship. The design that emerged at that time, named PRIZM, was developed using the VPP and went on to take 1st, 2nd and 4th places at the championship. By 2006 we realised that production of the primary hull moulding was best handled using pre-preg carbon rather than hand laminated carbon so the design was re-worked to produce DIAMOND.

The SAILSetc range of products for the Ten Rater class has been constantly refined since 1978 and provides for everything from a completed boat down to the smallest component part.

The Ten Raters built by SAILSetc have had much success. PRIZM was winner, 2nd and 4th place in the 1999 World Championship and DIAMOND has provided excellent results since 2007 with numerous wins in the AUS, FRA, ITA, SUI, GBR and GER national championships as well as the Brittany Cup, Martinicup and Swiss Cup.

Characteristic of SAILSetc designed boats is their ability to perform for sailors of all skill ranges and in a wide range of conditions. Not only can they give excellent results for some of the best sailors (three PRIZMs and one PARADOX sailing as a Ten Rater took the top 4 places at the 1999 world championship) but they can also give better results for sailors lower down the finishing results. This is partly due to their reliability imparted by the build quality and partly due to the handling qualities imparted by their fundamental and detail design.

The boats previously supplied by SAILSetc are now available from BOATSetc, a new entity located in Germany. The moulding quality is superb leaving the builder with only the task of adding the foils, structural component parts and fittings before going on to add rc and rigs.

BOATSetc - sales@boatsetc.eu - www.boatsetc.eu

BOATSetc and SAILSetc can supply carbon pre-preg hulls for the Ten Rater DIAMOND and the component parts and general arrangement plans required to complete them. We welcome enquiries and orders from individuals and other builders, in the UK and elsewhere, who want to purchase hull mouldings or kits for these boats. Please go to the class category sections of this website to find more information.

Please see the Licensed Builders page for contact details for the many other builders who are producing our designs.

SAILSetc will continue to offer rc installation, rigging, optimisation and measurement for DIAMOND.

SAILSetc foils, ballast, spars, fittings and sails provide an optimised and compatible range of products with which to equip any Ten Rater, whether from SAILSetc or from another source.

The complete range of products in any category and for any class can be found in the Products by Category section.

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