One Metre Class

SAILSetc has a long association with the International One Metre class supplying specially designed products since the class’s inception in 1988. From the first World Championship in 1994 SAILSetc designed boats and equipment have given outstanding performance for a large number of sailors against the toughest competition at World, European and national level.

The first SAILSetc IOM designed with the help of a VPP, IKON, justified its use on that project and every design put into production at SAILSetc since then. IKON was followed by ITALIKO, TOPIKO, PIKANTO and FRAKTAL all of which, in turn, proved to be excellent designs giving success to many sailors and top quality performance years after their launch.

In 2012 our IOM design FRAKTAL departed from the previous line of development in that it had a markedly different hull form from its predecessors. In early 2014 we amended the bow profile of FRAKTAL a little. To ensure this boat is not confused with the original we have called it FRAKTAL 2.

SAILSetc has ceased building boats. In mid 2016 we are developing a new source of fins and rudders which, with our ballasts, can be expected to help other designs obtain their best performance.

SAILSetc spars, fittings and sails provide an optimised and compatible range of products with which to equip any IOM, whether from SAILSetc or from another source.

The complete range of products in any category and for any class can be found in the Products by Category section.

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