Topping lift/forestay connection

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Topping lift/forestay connection. Use to attach a headsail topping lift made of flat wire, ref. WFLAT, to the forestay.

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Topping lift/forestay connection

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The simplest method of attaching both the forestay and topping lift to a single eye in a hook does not allow the headsail and boom to rotate freely enough for best performance in light airs.

Use the topping lift/forestay attachment to connect a topping lift made of flat wire, ref. WFLAT, to the forestay such that the headsail and boom are free to swing easily. The single line above the connection will rotate freely and flat rigging wire for the topping lift will align properly with the boom and airflow as it rotates. The connection is free to rotate on the knot in the line to align itself with the boom.

Use on any boat where a topping lift made of flat wire is used on a rig for light airs.

An alternative is to use the stainless steel ring, ref 046B, in a similar way. This will produce a stronger connection more suitable for lower rigs on all classes.


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