GUNBOAT - lines plan

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GUNBOAT - lines plan. Lines plan only 12 kg, 0.9 m2 sail area - VPP.

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GUNBOAT - lines plan

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GUNBOAT - lines plan. Lines plan only 12 kg, 0.9 m2 sail area - VPP.

This design is aimed primarily at folk who want a light and easy to handle boat that will give good performance. Capable of top level performance in light airs that can be stretched, by top level build quality, into the territory where SWORD comes into its own. The hull form is closely related to SWORD and has been carefully optimised to suit the required target. Sections shown full size. Other lines shown at half size. Frame sizes are given for 3.5 mm thick planks. Make fin & rudder as shown on the MONARCH plan or use moulded items 350/350/360/200-180 for best results. Hull mouldings are available from Ray Baker, Gosport, in the UK. See our Licensed Builders section for contact details.

The top quality mould for GUNBOAT made by Lech Arcizewski of New York is no longer required by Lech - contact the SAILSetc office if you are interested in this.

If you are unfamiliar with the construction of an A Class and do not have sufficient information provided by a lines plan only, then a construction plan for this or another class will provide a lot of the information you need. We suggest you buy the NIMBUS Mk lll to get this information.

The earlier A Class design PRIVATEER, a heavier version of SWORD, was withdrawn when the GUNBOAT design became available. Plans available if required - please ask the office.

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Electronic files

Our plans are not made as CAD files but are a combination of printed output from the Maxsurf hull design program that is used to create the 3D shape and pen and ink addition of information about the appendages and rig. For this reason we cannot send an electronic version of the plan. However we are able to send dxf or iges files, 2D or 3D, output from the Maxsurf program. The 2D files may be of the plan view, the profile view, or the sections. The section view may also show the sections reduced by a 'planking' thickness. If you will be using planking as the method of construction it is important to estimate the planking thickness after the fairing and finishing process has been completed. If you are intending to use the files for creation of CNC machined parts it will be important to specify the spacing of the waterlines, buttock lines and sections. 

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