Standard - any Ø - medium

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Gooseneck/compression strut unit for use with any round mast and suitable for M, 10R and similar size boats.

Body length is 60 mm for the standard version. 50 mm body length available as a non-standard option at the same price.

Choose a boom/strut connector for either 12 or 14 mm Ø main boom.

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Standard - any Ø - medium

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Gooseneck/compression strut unit for use with any round mast and suitable for M, 10R and similar size boats. The metal body of the gooseneck fits snugly onto a mast with any diameter between 8 and 14 mm and ensures a secure and perfectly aligned fit for this key item of the boat's rig.

When the compression strut bends

Used correctly the compression strut will be subject only to a compression load and not any bending load. So, it will not bend. If you find the compression strut is becoming bent in use it will be because the screw holding the strut end fitting to the gooseneck body is too tight. Not only does this bend the compression strut but it also places the boom end fitting under a load it was not designed to take and it will be likely to break. Ensure the screw attaching the strut toi the gooseneck body is correctly adjusted.

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Not quite what you need?

There are too many possible variations for our goosenecks to list them all as individual products. But you can specify a custom gooseneck from all the available options by going to product page custom gooseneck ref. 0-GNK-M-10R.

Axis alignment

The design of the gooseneck body ensures it is aligned with the mast perfectly. If the effect of a tilted axis gooseneck is required (also known as adjustable axis gooseneck, variable axis gooseneck) then it is a simple matter to place a packer of the required thickness under one end of the gooseneck body before it is fixed to the mast tube. Use deck patch material or other self-adhesive material to achieve this. 1.0 mm thickness will tilt the axis by 1 degree. One layer of SAILSetc deck patch material will tilt the axis by 0.1 degree.

Gooseneck is the English language term for the attachment between boom and mast. Other words used are boom pivot and boom swivel.

Kicking strap is the English language term used for the adjustable connection between the lower end of the gooseneck and the boom. It is also known as a vang.

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