Fin 6.5% t/c - IOM

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460 long x 90 mm wide at the top tapering to 70 mm at the bottom. Approximately 115 grams before cutting and completing.

This fin requires no special finishing to section - it comes out of the mould finished to shape thus ensuring the integrity of the section shape and performance.

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Fin 6.5% t/c - IOM

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460 long x 90 mm wide at the top tapering to 70 mm at the bottom. Clear epoxy/carbon finish. Approximately 115 grams before cutting and completing.

Use with fin box/mast tube moulding, ref. 344D-GL. For a secure and removable attachment to the hull use item INS-040. For a secure and removable connection to the ballast use items INS-030 and INS-SEAT.

This IOM fin is made by a different process to our previous methods used for SAILSetc fins. The fin is filled with core material which means it cannot leak even if the surface layers are broken. The fin comes out of the mould already finished to section and has an excellent highly polished cosmetic finish. It is post-cured to 65 degrees C.

The construction of the fin gives an excellent balance of lateral stiffness and weight and has massive torsional stiffness ideal for use where the centre of gravity of the ballast is 30 mm or more from the centre of torsion of the fin. These fins are truly remarkable pieces of engineering and craftsmanship. 

Will this fin fit my boat?

If your boat was built by SAILSetc after 1990, yes. After that time all SAILSetc boats were built with a rectangular cross section fin box of sufficient width to accept virtually any viable alternative fin. This had several advantages – any ‘better’ fin could be used at a later stage – adjustment to the fore and aft position of the fin could be made to fine tune the balance – transverse adjustment could be made to correct any mis-alignment of the fin with the centreline.

If your boat has a fin box that is made to fit the head of the fin like a glove you will need great skill to fit one of these fins, sorry. On the other hand, if the builder has used a fin box similar to the SAILSetc concept, you should have no problem. Further details are given in our FAQs pages – here.

Centre of effort location – fin or rudder Downloadable document

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