Crimps - small - 50/pack

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Small, 1.2 mm internal Ø. 50/pack.

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Crimps - small - 50/pack

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Small, 1.2 mm internal Ø. 50/pack.

Use this size crimp to make terminations in 0.45 mm Ø x 7 strand rigging wire, ref. W045 , 0.6 mm Ø x 7 strand rigging wire, ref. W060, and the 0.9 mm x 0.3 mm flat rigging wire ref. WFLAT.

After passing the wire through the crimp to form the size of loop that you require, use a pair of end cutters to make a series of indents along the crimp. The indents should be deep enough to flatten the crimp onto the wire but not so deep as to start cutting the crimp itself. Make the termination neat, snag free and safe by adding a short lengths of shrink fit tube ref. SFIT-016 & SFIT-035 over the crimp and cut ends of wire.

Available in bulk packs if required in larger quantities.

Doubtful about the suitability of this product? See downloadable document: Rigging Guide

Making terminations in wires and lines: here

Crimps - also known as: clenches, ferrules, talurits, terminations, tubular connectors.

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